Training Opportunities

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection offers training to educators who plan to introduce the Kids in the Know program to their students. Opportunities include:

  • In-Person Training:

    We offer in-person training for school districts that introduces the program to educators and walks through how to effectively implement the Kids in the Know program in the classroom. The training combines an engaging presentation with hand-on activities and small group discussion. Internet safety presentations for children, educators and parents are also available to reduce the risk of child victimization.

    Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

  • Virtual Training Academy:

    We understand that professionals in the field of education are often busy and that time is valuable. For this reason, we have created the Virtual Training Academy, which allows educators to blend professional development into their schedule. Educators can learn about a diverse array of subjects at their own pace and on their own time. Lessons include:

    • Overview of the Kids in the Know program
    • What is child sexual abuse?
    • The grooming process
    • How to handle disclosures of child sexual abuse
    • The impact of child sexual abuse

    Before proceeding with our online training, professionals must first be licensed to use the Virtual Training Academy. Contact us to learn more about licensing and accessing our Virtual Training Academy demo.

  • Missing and Exploited Children Conference:

    Each year, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection hosts a Missing and Exploited Children Conference (MECC). The goal of this three-day training conference, which is attended by law enforcement members, social workers, educators, prosecutors, counsellors, lawyers, medical professionals and government policy analysts, is to broaden the knowledge of those involved in child protection surrounding the issues of missing and exploited children. One of the leading conferences of this type in Canada, the MECC provides training by expert speakers from around the world on a wide range of issues. With the rapid growth in online crimes against children, the training needs of professionals working in the area of child protection have changed immensely. An example of topics covered include the detection and investigation of child victimization, how to deal with children in trauma and Internet-related exploitation, as well as offering a unique glimpse into the victim's perspective. Click here for more information.