Education Modules Addressing Sexual Exploitation, Technology and Bullying

The issue of cyberbullying is diverse and complex and our agency’s intersection has typically involved harm facing young people in conjunction with sexuality and technology, resulting in the onslaught of bullying behaviour.

Building on strategies in the Kids in the Know program and reports to, Canada’s tipline for reporting the online sexual exploitation of children, the education modules outlined below provide educators with lesson plans and tools to assist in teaching youth about safety in both an online and offline environment with respect to sexual exploitation, technology and bullying.


Created in response to emerging online risks and designed to address adults using technology to exploit children for a sexual purpose, self/peer exploitation (sexting or selfies) and cyberbullying, lessons include:

  • Healthy Friendships
  • Healthy Dating Relationships
  • Boundaries and Personal Safety
  • Responding to Unsafe Situations


Created to address the harmful impacts and the potential legal implications with youth engaged in sexual exploitation/violence, extreme bullying and the misuse of technology, lessons include:

  • Influences on Teens’ Ideas about Relationships
  • Love vs. Control in Dating Relationships
  • Canada’s Sexual Consent Laws
  • Cyberbullying and Harassment
  • Identifying When and How to Get Help

Promoting respect and dignity, empowering youth to challenge harmful behaviour, and discussing the important role of close friends and bystanders will also be built into the module.

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