Education Modules Addressing Sexual Exploitation, Technology and Bullying

In the last few years, has seen a marked increase in reports from youth ranging from 12 to 17 years of age. Recognizing the diverse and complex nature of this issue and our role in protecting children from online sexual exploitation, our organization is developing two new educational modules focused on addressing sexual exploitation, sexual violence, technology and bullying among youth.

Education Module for Grades 7/8 will help manage online risk

An education module for Grades 7/8 is being created in response to emerging online risks and recent tragedies involving young people in Canada. In an effort to reduce the incidence of adolescent sexual exploitation, the unit will address adults using technology to exploit children for a sexual purpose, self/peer exploitation (sexting or selfies) and cyberbullying.

Lessons will address the following issues:

  • How personal boundaries increase personal safety
  • How to establish personal boundaries
  • Identifying behavior that presents risk to sexual exploitation (online and offline)
  • Identifying the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships (online and offline)
  • Responding to unsafe situations and getting help

Education Module for Grades 9/10 will empower youth

An education module for Grades 9/10 is being created in response to instances of sexual violence among youth. In an effort to educate youth about sexual consent, respect and healthy relationships, this unit will address the many misconceptions about sexual consent in our society and provide opportunities for empowering youth to make healthy choices in difficult situations.

Lessons will address the following issues:

  • Attitudes and beliefs that contribute to sexual violence
  • Information about what constitutes sexual consent and what doesn’t
  • Distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Knowing how to help a friend who discloses sexual abuse or assault
  • Knowing where to go for help

If you are interested in being notified when the new education modules are ready, please submit a request through our contact us page, entering the subject line as “cyberbullying education modules”.

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